Hello Everyone, today im gonna be discussing about a very expected topic which is 5G Wireless Technology. Most of us including me have a very positive and expected aspect about it as it is available only in some parts of the world.

So in this topic, im gonna be giving a compete guide to get started on 5G. To get a better understanding, lets split this topic into several Headings.

5G is the 5th Generation Mobile Network. It is a global wireless network after 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. 5G enables a new feature through which we can connect the virtually everything and everyone like Machines and Objects etc.

5G was not invented by a person or organisation, but Many companies with Mobile Eco System have contributed in bringing 5G to life.

5G wireless technology is created to provide high speed multi GBPS connections with very low latency. It also comes with a massive network capacity and more reliability which can communicate with other devices in a Fraction of second. The performance is also hugely enhanced for user experience.


5G Wireless Technology is based on OFDM (Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing) It is a method of Transmitting digital signal across several channels to reduce interference.

5G Frequency

Like 4G LTE, 5G OFDM uses same mobile principles. But, the new 5G NR air interface can enhance OFDM to deliver a much higher degree of flexibility and scalability.

5G will bring wider bandwidths by expanding the usage of spectrum resources. 5G is created not only for Speed, Reliability and Mobile Broadband purposes, but it also has a great utility which can connect to IOT devices for much faster response.


The previous generations of mobile networks are 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G.

1G : It delivered analog voice.

2G : It introduced digital voice (CDMA).

3G : 3G gave birth to Mobile Data.

4G : It emerged in the period of mobile broadband.

These all previous versions led to 5G which is designed to provide more connectivity and Reliability at the same time.

5G is a unified, more capable air interface. It has been designed with an extended capacity to enable next-generation user experiences, empower new deployment models and deliver new services.

With high speeds, and great Reliability 5G will expand the mobile ecosystem into new realms. 5G will also play a major role in many Industries and Services all over the globe.


5G is used mainly in three main types of services, including enhanced mobile broadband, mission-critical communications, and IoT. A defining capability of 5G is that it is designed for forward compatibility. The ability to flexibly support future services that are unknown today.

Enhanced mobile broadband
In addition to making the smartphones better, 5G also plays a major role on VR/AR which helps in more Security, Speed and Reliability.

Mission-critical communications:
5G can enable new services that can transform industries with much reliable, low-latency links like remote control of critical infrastructure, vehicles, and medical procedures

Autonomous Vehicles:
Due to the very low latency of 5G Wireless Networks, Autonomous Vehicles will also have a huge scope in the future. Due to faster communications, It will be easily possible for the birth of Autonomous Vehicles.


5G is designed to deliver high data speed up to 20 Gbps based on IMT-2020 requirements. But 5G is about more than just how fast it is. In addition to higher data rates, It is designed to provide more network capacity by expanding into new spectrum, such as mmWave.

Speed of 5G

5G Wireless Network can also deliver much lower latency for a more quick response and can provide an overall uniform user experience so that the data speed stay constantly high even when a user is moving around from one to another place.


Yes, 5G is already available, and global companies started launching new 5G networks in early 2019. 5G mobile networks are expected to be available worldwide by 2020. Also, all major Android phones which are releasing and released lately commence 5G in it. Soon, 5G will be available to people around the globe

5G is available in 20+ countries. We can also see much faster adaptations to 5G compared to 4G. Users are very excited about the high speeds and low latencies as 5G is promising. But 5G also include many more benefits such as Reliable Connectivity and Massive IOT.

While it is hard to predict when everyone will have access to 5G, we can see a great amount of 5G launches in its first year and it is expected to launch in even more countries in 2020 and beyond.

As of April 2020, 5G was available in 43 countries.


Privacy Advocates and Security: Professionals have worries that due to implementation of 5G Wireless Network in most of the people’s phone, they will always be connected to multiple cells. So through this, an Attacker can easily get hold of their private information.

Do I need a new phone if I want 5G?
Yes, you will need to get a new smartphone that supports 5G if you want to be able to use the network. There are several Mobile companies approaching to use 5G.
Does 5G change my home internet service?
5G can change home internet service by providing a wireless modem alternative to existing wires. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can now serve customers using 5G infrastructure to make the coverage and other requirements of 5G.

How do cities use 5G?
Smart cities could use 5G in many different ways to transform the lives of people by providing greater efficiencies like more connectivity between people and things and high data speeds than ever before in areas like Infrastructure, VR, and Entertainment.