Hello Everyone, today’s topic is about the latest version of Android which is going to be released on June 3rd. The release will be taking place in an live stream.

Google announced that the live stream contains news updates and info related to Connectivity, Control and Security. It is said that the newer version of Android comes with a screen recording feature.
The newer version has also modified permissions in this version. The live stream also contains Q/A segment as a part of it with Android VP Dave Burke and Senior Director of product management Stephanie Cuthbertson.

Google also announced that due to COVID-19 Pandemic the release of the public betas for Android 11 will be slightly delayed. The first beta will be released on 3rd June, the second on July and third on August. The final version of this will also be delayed.

Features of Android 11 :

  • Behavior Changes
  • Privacy Features
  • New Features and APIs
Android 11 Bubble Notification

Bubble Notification

There are many other features such as Bubble Notifications and the new version also include the feature to tell whether we are on a 5G network or not. Theme features are also available such that it will be automatically changed into Light and Dark Theme according to the time of the day. Be Safe👍👍 Source : https://www.androidauthority.com https://developer.android.com Google Blog SUBSCRIBE TO THE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS FOR THE LATEST UPDATES. FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW.