Hi! everyone, today Im going to talk about an important topic which most of us do not know about it. In this modern world it is very essential to have an idea about this.

The topic is The Dark Web.

There are two types of webs in the internet they are surface web and deep web. The web what we use now in our devices with search engines such as Google, Bing and DuckDuck Go is surface web. This web is only about some 4-5% of the total internet. So where is the other 95%?  Here comes the Dark Web. It occupies about 95% of the total internet. It’s size has been enormously grown since its created. Now the size of the Dark Web is about 9 petabytes which is equal to 9000 terabytes.

Now there will be a question arised in many people that how to use the Dark Web.
We can access the Dark Web by using the Tor Browser which is available both mobile and laptop devices.

Types of Web
Dark Web is a part of Deep Web which is the home of many illegal and criminal affairs that is taking place.

Some of the criminal activities are

  • Assaulting of people for money
    Vague images and videos
    Illegal Drug deals
    Illegal poison trade is famous for the website Silk_Road which is available in dark web.

There are also some advantages by using tor browser. They are:

  • We will be anonymous when we connect to tor.
  • Nobody will know who we are or what we do when we surf using Tor Browser

An interesting fact is that in dark web, the website extensions will not be like in surface web like .com and .net. The Extension of the websites present in the dark web will only be .onion. We can also view the clearnet websites in DarkNet.

onion extension

.onion extension

So I conclude by saying that Dark Web is a hub for many illegal affairs. You have to be Safe while using Tor Browser because you may go to some illegal websites. So use it only for your anonymous browsing in web.

Here are the dark web links website that you can access in 2020

Link : gestyy.com/w94hP1

Instructions :

  1. Open the link and wait for 5 seconds
  2. Click the SKIP Button
  3. It will redirect you to another tab which contain ad but close the  Ad tab and goto the previous tab.

Be Safe👍👍

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