Hello Everyone, today’s topic is about a very important DataBreach that had happened a few days ago to a very popular company that revealed about 540 M of users data.

It’s Facebook.

Facebook has suffered from many different attacks every year. There is a huge data breach which had happened 2 weeks ago had been discovered now by the researchers.

A Mexico based media company Cultura Cloectiva is responsible for the biggest leak. It exposed 146 gigabytes of Facebook user data which include Account names, Comment details and reactions to posts. It’s unclear about the no. individuals exposed.
Also an app called At The Pool exposed Databases that include data about User Id’s, Friends, Photos and Locations.

It actually revealed the Name, Email Addresses and Passwords of the Facebook users which is publicly accessible and downloadable on the Amazon Servers. So whoever has a link to it can access and download it. The Breached data is also being sold for $543 on Dark Web.

The best way now for you to be safe is to change your password into an much stronger and harder one because your password may also be included in the Data Breach. There are many sources available on the internet which can give you a stronger password. But most of them are suspicious and can even steal your data.

I will give 2 links. One redirects you to a website which will tell you how strong is your password and the other will redirect you to a website which tells whether your data has been exposed in any data breach.

Password Website – gestyy.com/w959jk

Data Checker Website – gestyy.com/w9608J

Be Safe👍👍