Hello Everyone, I’m KDT and today I am going to discuss the topic, How to Install WordPress Locally on your PC. This has been a question mark to many WordPress Users. This is very essential because many users around the globe need to test some WordPress themes and plugins, not only that, it’s also used for testing new features and also creating a demo website and practising ourselves before building a real one.

installing local on your desktop

The first software that we need in achieving this is Local. It is a local WordPress development tool. Nowadays many people are using that as they are blazing fast compared to the other ones and I have also experienced it.

1. First goto the website localwp.com

Local WP

2. Then click on the Download button present in the top right corner.

LocalWP Download

3. Fill in all the required details in the form and then click on GET IT NOW button.

4. Then your download will be started automatically. After that, you gotta click on the installer and run it. This will install Local on your computer.

Local Boot

5. As you can see from the above, this is the User Interface of Local. On the left, the list of sites that you created will be available and there are 4 options in the sidebar too.

6. The other three options on the left are Connect, Addons and Support. Let’s see them in detail, the Connect option refers to syncing your Local with the host server which you hosted on the internet. Presently you could only connect with the FlyWheel and WP Engine hosting.

7. The next one is Addons, which are currently only 5 available. There’s also an option to develop an addon using code for customizing according to your needs.

8. The next option is Support. In this section, the community support links and also the Hosting support links are also given to answer your queries. [Check the Gallery present at the bottom of the post for more images]


1. Just click on the + button which is present at the bottom left. Then this prompt will appear :

Create a website using Local

2. Fill in all the details in the upcoming prompts and your Local Site will be ready in a few clicks. 

Local Site WordPress

3. As you can see from the above that your site is now live. If you want to tailor some things according to your need, you can do that.

Let me explain it in detail. The Web Server can be changed to Apache if you want to use it, but I prefer Nginx. You can also change the PHP version of your website. There are currently 4 options available (v5.6.39, v7.3.5, v7.4.1 & 8.0.0).

Next, if you navigate to the DATABASE section, there you can open the Adminer and this enables you to edit your Database.

Local Database WordPress

There is nothing special in the utility tab. If you install any addons from the left menu, it will be appearing there and you can use it. When you go to the Tools section, there will be 4 more options available and there are 3 options only available for PRO Members. But the last one is free, which is Image Optimization.

Local Tools WordPress

If you want, you can install this tool and optimize your WordPress images but there are plenty of more ways available to do that.

You can see that there is an option available at the bottom known as Live Link. This enables us to make our Local website live on the internet through NGROK. Next, there is also an option known as CONNECT HOST. This enables us to connect our local website to the Hosted website present on the internet as I said before in the Features section.


Lastly, if you have customized all the settings, now you can click on the START SITE button which available at the top right corner. This will make your WordPress Website up and running. Then if you click on the ADMIN button available at the bottom of START SITE, it will automatically open a new tab in your browser and take you to the WordPress admin page of that website.

I hope I have covered all the details about the Local app and if you have any queries or doubts, let me know in the Comments section below. Thank You