Hello Everyone!!, this is KDT and today after a long break, we’re gonna be discussing about the new Jio Meet app which is recently released by Jio which is a new rival to the popular Video Conference app Zoom

Source : Campbell Kwan/ZDNet

JioMeet supports direct calls (1 on 1 calling) as well as hosted meetings with maximum 100 participants. As per Reliance Jio, the app offers enterprise-grade host controls. You can sign up with your phone number or email ID, and the meetings support HD quality. It’s free to use and you can create unlimited meetings per day, and the meetings can also be password protected and supports a waiting room like Zoom.

Users of Zoom, which has many security bugs, will find JioMeet entirely familiar. A screen-by-screen comparison shows that the interface for the app just happens to be exactly the same. Accessing it on Android, one will find the same menu on the bottom, listing options to mute the mic, see participants, or get into the extended menu.

A swipe to the right enables driving mode in the same way. The transition from Zoom to Jio Meet couldn’t be easier, at least for the basic functions. Zoom actually has a premium mode without which three users can chat for an unlimited time and also a time limit of 40 min, after which they can just reconnect in a new meeting. Jio Meet lets a 100 users talk for 24 hours for completey free. It’s available to everyone regardless of the fact whether they use other Jio products or not.

The platform has a very simple interface. A quick test showed that it appears to work just like the other leading apps. JioMeet says that the app has Multi-Device login support on up to five devices, and you can seamlessly switch between devices while on a call.

It is available on Android and on the Apple store, even for the Mac. You can also use it via browser. You invite others to join a meeting the same way as you do on Zoom; the easiest is to send them a link with the meeting password which self generates with the invitation. Video calls tend to be in HD quality with nice and clear audio. While Zoom’s breakout meetings and background customisations are missing, you can share your device’s screen with a singe tap to make a presentation to even collaborate on something.

The Privacy Policy for JioMeet makes a mention of a “pro” version of the service that may be in development. Details about JioMeet Pro are scanty for now, it seems Jio is planning advanced features like call recording, for paying customers. More details are expected to be revealed.

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