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Hello everyone, today we are gonna be seeeing about a new browser which is still in the early stages of production and not available to all. We all have experienced the slow performance of the Chrome Browser and it’s also very frustrating for us in certain times. But this browser seems promising and also it claims that it uses 10x less memory when using multiple number of tabs simultaneously.

So let’s explore about this topic in detail.



Regardless of how web browsers improve a lot, it will feel sluggish and laggy once we are utilising it intensively. Whenever we start one a lot of tabs on a old computer, it just slows to it’s core and your fans starts rotating. A faster or cleaner PC might correct it, but Mighty has a indisputable fact that is different. it’s a browser that is $30/month that everyday lives into the cloud. Your computer only streams this web browser and plays it on your pc.

As opposed to your own personal computer getting together with each website and pulling the info, this streams a browser that is remote resides in a effective computer system by way of a 1,000Mbps link to the internet. Your Keyboard and Mouse are supposed to be mapped aided by the server making sure that this internet browser are managed by you with them.



  • It’s the fastest browser availabe as it streams the browser from an external server.
  • There is no need for you to have a computer with good specs. Even a old one would do your job.
  • You can open a ton of Tabs and Windows in this browser and this will not lag at all as your computer is just streaming it.


  • It costs $30/month and this cannot  be afforded by some people for just a blazing fast bowser. Especially people outside of United States can’t.
  • Unfortunately, this browser is only available for MAC users and is still yet to be released for WINDOWS users.
  • Note that it is not a public release and you have to fill up a form by clicking on the Request Access button on the top right and MAC os is mandatory for it to work.
Mighty Browser


‘Mighty is Mighty expensive’, Many cannot afford this as it is $30/Month. But it has promising features. It lives on a powerful cloud server and has connetion to the internet with a speed of 1Gbps. But most people don’t need it as they use their browsers for general purposes only. One major con is that it only supports MAC os now and it is expected to be released on other Operating Systems soon in the near future.