Hello Guys, Today I’m going to be taking about a very important and essential browser for all the people in this modern world.

Many people may not be familiar with the Browser yet ’cause it has been released lately. Most of the people nowadays use many browsers which don’t provide enough security.

The Browser which I’m talking about today is the most secure and most reliable browser called BRAVE. This browser is the fastest browser available in the internet. It protects us from many Cyber Attacks such as PHISHING and HTTPS Downgrading etc.

For saying in a simple term, it protects you from being exploited and potential leak of your personal data. This also rewards us by using the browser daily such as a token of appreciation.


Brave Rewards

Image Source: Brave Browser Website

In many other browsers there is a potential leak of our data. Brave is available both in Mobile and Desktop devices and it 8x faster on mobile and 3x faster on Desktops.The most important thing is that this browser does not allow a single Ad which most of us strive for.

Brave Browser Link:

Instructions :

Open the link and wait for 5 seconds
Click the SKIP Button
It will redirect you to another tab which contain ad but close the  Ad tab and goto the previous tab.

I conclude by saying that in this technological world, there are so many threats for the netizens as well as normal people who browse the internet without any protection. This browser is essential for our day to day life. 👍👍